John 4:37

For herein (en gar toutwi). In this relation between the sower and the reaper. The saying (o logo). Like 1 Timothy 1:15 ; 1 Timothy 3:1 , etc. Probably a proverb that is particularly true (alhqino for which see 1:9 ) in the spiritual realm. One soweth, and another reapeth (allo estin o speirwn kai allo o qerizwn). "One is the sower and another the reaper." It is sad when the sower misses the joy of reaping ( Job 31:8 ) and has only the sowing in tears ( Psalms 126:5 ). This may be the punishment for sin ( Deuteronomy 28:30 ; Micah 6:15 ). Sometimes one reaps where he has not sown ( Deuteronomy 6:11 ; Joshua 24:13 ). It is the prerogative of the Master to reap ( Matthew 25:26 ), but Jesus here lets the disciples share his joy.

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