John 4:38

I sent (egw apesteila). Emphatic use of egw and first aorist active indicative of apostellw common in John for to send. Whereon ye have not laboured (o ouc umei kekopiakate). Perfect active indicative of kopiaw for which see Matthew 4:6 . So also kekopiakasin in next line. The disciples had done no sowing here in Sychar, only Jesus and the woman. Others (alloi: Jesus, the Baptist, the prophets). And ye (kai umei). Emphatic contrast. Have entered (eiselhluqate). Perfect active indicative of eisercomai. Into their labour (ei ton kopon autwn). Into the fruit and blessed results of their toil (kopo). This is always true as seen in Acts 8:5-7 Acts 8:14 .

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