John 4:46

Again (palin). A second time. Unto Cana (ei thn Kana). Note article, "the Cana of Galilee" already mentioned in Matthew 2:1 . Where he made the water wine (opou epoihsen to udwr oinon). That outstanding first miracle would still be remembered in Cana and would indicate that Jesus had some friends there. Nobleman (basiliko). One connected with the king (basileu), whether by blood or by office. Probably here it is one of the courtiers of Herod the tetrarch of Galilee, Chuzas ( Luke 8:3 ), Manaen ( Acts 13:1 ), or some one else. Some of the manuscripts used basilisko, a petty king, a diminutive of basileu. Was sick (hsqenei). Imperfect active of asqenew (a privative and sqeno, without strength, Matthew 25:36 ), continued sick. At Capernaum (en Kaparnaoum). Some miles from Cana near where the Jordan enters the Sea of Galilee.

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