John 4:48

Except ye see (ean mh idhte). Condition of the third class (ean mh, negative, with second aorist active subjunctive of oraw). Jesus is not discounting his "signs and wonders" (shmeia kai terata, both words together here only in John, though common in N.T. as in Matthew 24:24 ; Mark 13:22 ; Acts 2:19 Acts 2:22 Acts 2:43 ; 2 Thessalonians 2:9 ; Hebrews 2:4 ), though he does seem disappointed that he is in Galilee regarded as a mere miracle worker. Ye will in no wise believe (ou mh pisteushte). Strong double negative with aorist active subjunctive of pisteuw, picturing the stubborn refusal of people to believe in Christ without miracles.

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