John 4:5

So he cometh (ercetai oun). Vivid present middle indicative and transitional oun. Sychar (Sucar). There is a dispute whether this is just a variation of Shechem as meaning "drunken-town" ( Isaiah 28:1 ) or "lying-town" ( Habakkuk 2:18 ) or is a separate village near Shechem (Neapolis, Nablous) as the Talmud and Eusebius indicate. Apparently the present village Askar corresponds well with the site. The use of polin (city) does not mean that it was a large town. Mark and John use it freely for small places. Parcel of ground (cwriou). Old use of this diminutive of cwro or cwra, a piece of ground. That Jacob gave to his son Joseph (o edwken Iakwb twi Iwshp twi uiwi autou). See Genesis 33:19 ; Genesis 48:22 . Relative o is not attracted to case of cwriou. First aorist active indicative edwken.

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