John 4:6

Jacob's well (phgh tou Iakwb). "A spring of Jacob" (here and verse Genesis 14 ), but prear (well, pit, cistern) in verses Genesis 11 12 . It is really a cistern 100 feet deep dug by a stranger apparently in a land of abundant springs ( Genesis 26:19 ). Wearied (kekopiakw). Perfect active participle of kopiaw, a state of weariness. The verb means to toil excessively ( Luke 5:5 ). John emphasizes the human emotions of Jesus ( Luke 1:14 ; Luke 11:3 Luke 11:33 Luke 11:35 Luke 11:38 Luke 11:41 ; Luke 12:27 ; Luke 13:21 ; Luke 19:28 ). With his journey (ek th odoiporia). As a result (ek) of the journey. Old compound word from odoporo (wayfarer), in N.T. only here and 2 Corinthians 11:26 . Sat (ekaqezeto). Imperfect (descriptive) middle of kaqezomai, "was sitting." Thus (outw). Probably "thus wearied," graphic picture. By the well (epi th phgh). Literally, "upon the curbstone of the well." Sixth hour (w ekth). Roman time, about 6 P.M., the usual time for drawing water.

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