John 5:28

In the tombs (en toi mnhmeioi). Tapo (grave) presents the notion of burial (qaptw, to bury) as in Matthew 23:27 , mnhmeion (from mnaomai, mimnhskw, to remind) is a memorial (sepulchre as a monument). Jesus claims not only the power of life (spiritual) and of judgement, but of power to quicken the actual dead at the Last Day. They will hear his voice and come out (ekporeusontai, future middle indicative of ekporeuomai). A general judgement and a general bodily resurrection we have here for both good and bad as in Matthew 25:46 ; Acts 24:15 ; 2 Corinthians 5:10 and as often implied in the words of Jesus ( Matthew 5:29 ; Matthew 10:28 ; Luke 11:32 ). In John 6:39 Jesus asserts that he will raise up the righteous.

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