John 6:12

And when they were filled (w de eneplhsqhsan). First aorist (effective) passive indicative of empimplhmi, old verb to fill in, to fill up, to fill completely. They were all satisfied. The Synoptics have ecortasqhsan like John 6:26 (ecortasqhte). Gather up (sunagagete). Second aorist active imperative of sunagw, to gather together. Broken pieces (klasmata). From klaw, to break. Not crumbs or scraps on the ground, but pieces broken by Jesus ( Mark 6:41 ) and not consumed. Be lost (apolhtai). Second aorist middle subjunctive of apollumi with ina in purpose clause. Only in John. There was to be no wastefulness in Christ's munificence. The Jews had a custom of leaving something for those that served.