John 6:13

Twelve baskets (dwdeka kopinou). One for each of the apostles. What about the lad? Stout wicker baskets (coffins, Wycliff) in distinction from the soft and frail spuride used at the feeding of the four thousand ( Mark 8:8 ; Matthew 15:37 ). Here all the Gospels ( Mark 6:43 ; Matthew 14:20 ; Luke 9:17 ; John 6:13 ) use kopinoi. The same distinction between kopinoi and spuride is preserved in the allusion to the incidents by Jesus in Mark 8:19 Mark 8:20 ; Matthew 16:9 Matthew 16:10 . Unto them that had eaten (toi bebrwkosin). Articular perfect active participle (dative case) of bibrwskw, old verb to eat, only here in N.T., though often in LXX.

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