John 6:15

Perceiving (gnou). Second aorist active participle of ginwskw. It was not hard for Christ to read the mind of this excited mob. They were about (mellousin). Present active indicative of mellw. Probably the leaders were already starting. Take him by force (arpazein). Present active infinitive of arpazw, old verb for violent seizing ( Matthew 11:12 ; Matthew 13:19 ). There was a movement to start a revolution against Roman rule in Palestine by proclaiming Jesus King and driving away Pilate. To make him king (ina poihswsin basilea). Purpose clause with ina and the first aorist active subjunctive of poiew with basilea as predicate accusative. It was a crisis that called for quick action. Himself alone (auto mono). At first he had the disciples with him (verse Matthew 3 ). But he sent them hurriedly by boat to the western side ( Mark 6:45 ; Matthew 14:22 ) because clearly the apostles were sympathetic with the revolutionary impulse of the crowd. Then Jesus sent the multitudes away also and went up into the mountain alone. He was alone in every sense, for no one but the Father understood him at this stage, not even his own disciples. He went up to pray ( Mark 6:46 ; Matthew 14:23 ).

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