John 6:14

Saw the sign which he did (idonte a epoihsen shmeia). "Signs" oldest MSS. have. This sign added to those already wrought (verse Matthew 2 ). Cf. Matthew 2:23 ; Matthew 3:2 . They said (elegon). Inchoative imperfect, began to say. Of a truth (alhqw). Common adverb (from alhqh) in John ( Matthew 7:40 ). The prophet that cometh (o prophth o ercomeno). There was a popular expectation about the prophet of Deuteronomy 18:15 as being the Messiah ( John 1:21 ; John 11:27 ). The phrase is peculiar to John, but the idea is in Acts ( John 3:22 ; John 7:37 ). The people are on the tiptoe of expectation and believe that Jesus is the political Messiah of Pharisaic hope.

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