John 7:10

Were gone up (anebhsan). Second aorist active indicative of anabainw, not past perfect though the action is antecedent in fact to the following tote anebh. The Greek does not always draw the precise distinction between the merely punctiliar (aorist) antecedent action and the past perfect ( John 2:9 ; John 4:45 ). He also (tote auto). As well as the brothers. Not publicly (ou panerw). Against their advice in verse John 4 , using panerwson (the very same word stem). But as it were in secret (alla w en kruptwi). "Not with the usual caravan of pilgrims" (Bernard). Just the opposite of their advice in verse John 4 with the same phrase en panerwi. Plainly Jesus purposely went contrary to the insincere counsel of his brothers as to the manner of his Messianic manifestation. This secrecy concerned solely the journey to Jerusalem, not his public teaching there after his arrival ( John 7:26 John 7:28 ; John 18:20 ).

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