John 7:11

The Jews (oi Ioudaioi). The hostile leaders in Jerusalem, not the Galilean crowds ( John 7:12 ) nor the populace in Jerusalem ( John 7:25 ). Sought (ezhtoun). Imperfect active of zhtew, "were seeking," picture of the attitude of the Jewish leaders toward Jesus who had not yet appeared in public at the feast. In fact he had avoided Jerusalem since the collision in chapter 5. The leaders clearly wished to attack him. Where is he? (pou estin ekeino;). "Where is that one? (emphatic use of ekeino as in John 1:8 ; John 9:12 ). Jesus had been at two feasts during his ministry (passover in John 2:12 ; possibly another passover in John 5:1 ), but he had avoided the preceding passover ( John 6:4 ; John 7:1 ). The leaders in Jerusalem had kept in touch with Christ's work in Galilee. They anticipate a crisis in Jerusalem.

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