John 7:13

Howbeit (mentoi). See Matthew 4:27 for this compound particle (men, toi), by way of exception, but yet. Spake (elalei). Imperfect active of lalew, "was speaking," picturing the whispering or secret talk (no man openly, oudei parrhsiai). Best MSS. do not have en here with parrhsiai (locative or instrumental case of manner) as in Matthew 7:26 ; Matthew 10:24 ; Matthew 11:54 , but en genuine in Matthew 7:4 ; Colossians 2:15 . This adverbial use of parrhsiai is common enough ( Mark 8:37 ). For fear of the Jews (dia ton pobon twn Ioudaiwn). Objective genitive. The crowds really feared the Jewish leaders and evidently did not wish to involve Jesus or themselves. See the same phrase and attitude on the part of the disciples in Mark 19:38 ; Mark 20:19 .