John 7:12

Much murmuring (goggusmo polu). This Ionic onomatopoetic word is from gogguzw for which verb see John 6:41 John 6:61 ; John 7:32 , for secret displeasure ( Acts 6:1 ) or querulous discontent ( Philippians 2:14 ). Among the multitudes (en toi ocloi). "The multitudes" literally, plural here only in John. These different groups were visitors from Galilee and elsewhere and were divided in their opinion of Jesus as the Galileans had already become ( Philippians 6:66 ). A good man (agaqo). Pure in motive. See Mark 10:17 ; Romans 5:7 (absolute sense of God). Superior to dikaio. Jesus had champions in these scattered groups in the temple courts. Not so, but he leadeth the multitude astray (ou, alla planai ton oclon). Sharp clash in the crowd. Present active indicative of planaw, to go astray ( Matthew 18:12 ), like our "planets," to lead others astray ( Matthew 24:4 Matthew 24:5 Matthew 24:11 , etc.). In the end the rulers will call Jesus "that deceiver" (ekeino o plano, Matthew 27:63 ). The Jewish leaders have a following among the crowds as is seen ( Matthew 7:31 ).