John 7:30

They sought therefore (ezhtoun oun). Imperfect active of zhtew, inchoative or conative, they began to seek. Either makes sense. The subject is naturally some of the Jerusalemites (Westcott) rather than some of the leaders (Bernard). To take him (auton piasai). First aorist active infinitive, Doric form from piazw, from the usual piezw, occasionally so in the papyri, but piazw always in N.T. except Luke 6:38 . And (kai). Here = "but." Laid his hand (epebalen thn ceira). Second aorist active indicative of epiballw, to cast upon. Old and common idiom for arresting one to make him a prisoner ( Matthew 26:50 ). See repetition in verse Jo 7:44. His hour (h wra autou). In Jo 13:1 we read that "the hour" had come, but that was "not yet" (oupw). "John is at pains to point out at every point that the persecution and death of Jesus followed a predestined course" (Bernard), as in 2:4; Jo 7:6; Jo 7:8; Jo 8:10; Jo 10:39; Jo 13:1, etc. Was not yet come (oupw elhluqei). Past perfect active of ercomai, as John looks back on the story.

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