John 7:33

Yet a little while (eti cronon mikron). Accusative of extent of time. It was only six months to the last passover of Christ's ministry and he knew that the end was near. I go unto him that sent me (upagw pro ton pempsanta me). See the same words in Luke 16:5 . Hupagw, old compound (upo, agw), has the notion of withdrawing (literally, go under). See Luke 16:7-10 for three words for going common in John (poreuomai, go for a purpose, apercomai, to go away, upagw, to withdraw personally). Hupagw often in John of going to the Father or God ( Luke 8:14 Luke 8:21 ; Luke 13:3 Luke 13:33 Luke 13:36 ; Luke 14:4 Luke 14:5 Luke 14:28 ; Luke 15:16 ; Luke 16:4 Luke 16:7 Luke 16:10 Luke 16:17 ). See Luke 6:21 . It was enigmatic language to the hearers.

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