John 7:34

And shall not find me (kai ouc eurhsete me). Future active indicative of euriskw. Jesus had said: "Seek and ye shall find" ( Matthew 7:7 ), but this will be too late. Now they were seeking (verse Jo 7:30) to kill Jesus, then they will seek deliverance, but too late. Where I am (opou eimi egw). No conflict with verse Jo 33, but the essential eternal spiritual home of Christ "in absolute, eternal being and fellowship with the Father" (Vincent). Ye cannot come (umei ou dunasqe elqein). This fellowship was beyond the comprehension of these hostile Jews. See the same idea in Jo 7:36 by the Jews; Jo 8:21 to the Jews and then to the disciples with the addition of "now" (arti, Jo 13:33, nun in Jo 13:36).

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