John 7:35

Among themselves (pro eautou). These Jewish leaders of verse 32 talk among themselves about what Jesus said in a spirit of contempt (this man or fellow, outo). That (oti). Almost result like oti in Matthew 8:27 . Will he go? (mh mellei poreuesqai;). Negative answer expected in an ironical question, "Is he about to go?" Unto the Dispersion among the Greeks (ei thn diasporan twn Hellhnwn). Objective genitive twn Hellhnwn (of the Greeks) translated here "among," because it is the Dispersion of Jews among the Greeks. Diaspora is from diaspeirw, to scatter apart ( Acts 8:1 Acts 8:4 ). It occurs in Plutarch and is common in the LXX, in the N.T. only here, James 1:1 ; 1 Peter 1:1 . There were millions of these scattered Jews. And teach the Greeks (kai didaskein tou Hellhna). Confessing his failure to teach the Jews in Palestine, "thus ignorantly anticipating the course Christianity took; what seemed unlikely and impossible to them became actual" (Dods).

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