John 7:51

Doth our law judge a man? (mh o nomo hmwn krinei ton anqrwpon;). Negative answer expected and "the man," not "a man." These exponents of the law (verse Mark 49 ) were really violating the law of criminal procedure ( Exodus 23:1 ; Deuteronomy 1:16 ). Probably Nicodemus knew that his protest was useless, but he could at least show his colours and score the point of justice in Christ's behalf. Except it first hear from himself (ean mh akoush prwton par autou). Third-class negative condition with ean mh and first aorist active subjunctive of akouw. That is common justice in all law, to hear a man's side of the case ("from him," par autou). And know what he doeth (kai gnwi ti poiei). Continuation of the same condition with second aorist active subjunctive of ginwskw with indirect question and present active indicative (ti poiei). There was no legal answer to the point of Nicodemus.

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