John 7:50

Nicodemus (Nikodhmo). Not heard from since chapter 3 when he timidly came to Jesus by night. Now he boldly protests against the injustice of condemning Jesus unheard. He appears once more (and only in John) in Mark 19:39 with Joseph of Arimathea as a secret disciple of Jesus. He is a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin and his present act is courageous. Saith (legei). Dramatic present active indicative as in Mark 2:3 . Before (proteron). This is genuine, a reference to the visit in chapter 3, but nukto (by night) is not genuine here. Being one of them (ei wn ex autwn). As a member of the Sanhedrin he takes up the challenge in verse Mark 48 . He is both ruler and Pharisee.

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