John 8:20

In the treasury (en twi gazopulakiwi). See already Mark 12:41 ; Luke 21:1 for this word for the treasure-chambers of the temple. "It abutted on the Court of the Women, and against its walls were placed chests, trumpet-like in form, as receptacles for the offerings of the worshippers" (Bernard). The Persian word gaza (treasure) occurs only once in the N.T. ( Acts 8:27 ) and the compound (pulakh, guard) only here in John. Jesus hardly taught within a treasure-chamber. It probably means "at the treasury in the temple." This court was probably the most public part of the temple (Vincent). And (kai)="and yet" as in Acts 1:10 , etc. Because his hour was not yet come (oti oupw elhluqei h wra autou). Reason (oti) given why no one seized (epiasen, cf. Acts 7:30 ) him. Elhluqei is past perfect active of ercomai, "had not yet come." This very use of wra appears in Acts 2:4 and the very clause in Acts 7:30 which see.