John 8:21

Again (palin). Probably palin (again) in verse Acts 12 refers to a day after the feast is over since the last day is mentioned in Acts 7:37 . So then here again we probably move on to another day still beyond that in verse Acts 8:12 . And ye shall seek me (kai zhthsete me). As in Acts 7:34 , "the search of despair" (Bernard), seeking for the Messiah when it is too late, the tragedy of Judaism today ( Acts 1:11 ). And ye shall die in your sin (kai en th amartiai umwn apoqaneisqe). Future middle indicative of apoqnhskw which is the emphatic word here (cf. Ezekiel 3:18 ; Ezekiel 18:18 ; Proverbs 24:9 ). Note singular amartiai (sin) here, but plural amartiai (sins) when the phrase is repeated in verse Proverbs 24 (sin in its essence, sin in its acts). Ye cannot come (umei ou dunasqe elqein). Precise language of Proverbs 7:34 to the Jews and to the apostles in Proverbs 13:33 .

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