John 8:3

The scribes and the Pharisees (oi grammatei kai oi Parisaioi). John does not mention "scribes," though this combination (note two articles) is common enough in the Synoptics ( Luke 5:30 ; Luke 6:7 , etc.). Bring (agousin). Vivid dramatic present active indicative of agw. Dods calls this "in itself an unlawful thing to do" since they had a court for the trial of such a case. Their purpose is to entrap Jesus. Taken in adultery (epi moiceiai kateilemmenhn). Perfect passive participle of katalambanw, old compound to seize ( Mark 9:18 ), to catch, to overtake ( John 12:35 ), to overcome (or overtake) in John 1:5 . Having set her in the midst (sthsante authn en meswi). First aorist active (transitive) participle of isthmi. Here all could see her and what Jesus did with such a case. They knew his proneness to forgive sinners.