John 8:2

Early in the morning (orqrou). Genitive of time, orqro meaning daybreak, old word, not in John, though in Luke 24:1 ; Acts 5:21 . John uses prwi ( Acts 18:28 ; Acts 20:1 ; Acts 21:4 ). He came again into the temple (palin paregeneto ei to ieron). If the paragraph is genuine, the time is the next day after the eighth and last day of the feast. If not genuine, there is no way of telling the time of this apparently true incident. And all the people came unto him (kai pa o lao hrceto pro auton). Imperfect middle of ercomai picturing the enthusiasm of the whole (pa) crowd now as opposed to the divisions in chapter 7. Taught (edidasken). Imperfect active of didaskw. He took his seat (kaqisa, ingressive active participle of kaqizw) as was customary for Jesus and began to teach (inchoative imperfect). So the picture.

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