John 8:40

But now (nun de). Clear statement that they are not doing "the works of Abraham" in seeking to kill him. See this use of nun de after a condition of second class without an in John 16:22 John 16:24 . This did not Abraham (touto Abraam ouk epoihsen). Blunt and pointed of their unlikeness to Abraham. A man that hath told you the truth (anqrwpon o ten alhqeian umin lelalhka). Anqrwpon (here=person, one) is accusative case in apposition with me (me) just before. The perfect active indicative lelalhka from lalew is in the first person singular because the relative o has the person of me, an idiom not retained in the English that hath (that have or who have) though it is retained in the English of 1 Corinthians 15:9 "that am" for o eimi. Which I heard from God (hn hkousa para tou qeou). Here we have "I" in the English. "God" here is equal to "My Father" in verse 1 Corinthians 38 . The only crime of Jesus is telling the truth directly from God.