John 8:41

Ye do the works of your father (umei poieite ta erga tou patro umwn). Who is not Abraham and not God as Jesus plainly indicates. We were not born of fornication (hmei ek porneia egennhqhmen). First aorist passive indicative of gennaw. This they said as a proud boast. Jesus had admitted that they were physical ( Deuteronomy 23:2 ) descendants of Abraham ( 8:37 ), but now denies that they are spiritual children of Abraham (like Paul in Romans 9:7 ). Porneia is from porno (harlot) and that from pernhmi, to sell, a woman who sells her body for sexual uses. It is vaguely possible that in this stern denial the Pharisees may have an indirect fling at Jesus as the bastard son of Mary (so Talmud). We have one Father, even God (ena patera ecomen ton qeon). No "even" in the Greek, "One Father we have, God." This in direct reply to the implication of Jesus (verse Romans 38 ) that God was not their spiritual Father.