John 8:51

If a man keep my word (ean ti ton emon logon thrhsh). Condition of third class with ean and constative aorist active subjunctive of threw. Repeated in verse Luke 52 . See verse Luke 43 about hearing the word of Christ. Common phrase in John ( Luke 8:51 Luke 8:52 Luke 8:55 ; Luke 14:23 Luke 14:24 ; Luke 15:20 ; Luke 17:6 ; 1 John 2:5 ). Probably the same idea as keeping the commands of Christ ( 14:21 ). He shall never see death (qanaton ou mh qewrhsh ei ton aiona). Spiritual death, of course. Strong double negative ou mh with first aorist active subjunctive of qewrew. The phrase "see death" is a Hebraism ( Psalms 89:48 ) and occurs with idein (see) in Luke 2:26 ; Hebrews 11:5 . No essential difference meant between oraw and qewrew. See John 14:23 for the blessed fellowship the Father and the Son have with the one who keeps Christ's word.

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