John 8:9

Went out (exhrconto). Inchoative imperfect. Graphic picture. One by one (ei kaq ei). Not a Johannine phrase, but in Mark 14:19 where also the second nominative is retained as if kaq (kata) is regarded as a mere adverb and not as a preposition. Beginning from the eldest (arxamenoi apo twn presbuterwn). "From the elder (comparative form, common in Koin as superlative) men," as was natural for they had more sins of this sort which they recalled. "They are summoned to judge themselves rather than the woman" (Dods). Was left alone (kateleipqh mono). First aorist effective passive indicative of kataleipw, to leave behind, with predicate nominative mono. "Jesus was left behind alone." And the woman, where she was, in the midst (kai h gunh en meswi ousa). The woman was left behind also "being in the midst" as they had placed her (verse Mark 3 ) before they were conscience stricken and left.