John 9:7

Wash (nipsai). First aorist middle imperative second person singular of niptw, later form of nizw, to wash, especially parts of the body. Certainly bathing the eyes is good for eye trouble, and yet we are not to infer that the cure was due to the use of the clay or to the washing. In the pool of Siloam (ei thn kolumbhqran tou Silwam). The word kolumbhqra (from kolumbaw, to swim) is a common word for swimming-pool, in N.T. only here and Romans 5:2 Romans 5:7 . The name Siloam is Hebrew ( Isaiah 8:6 ) and means "sent" (apestalmeno, perfect passive participle of apostellw). It was situated south of the temple area and was apparently connected by a subterranean tunnel with the Virgin's Well ( Isaiah 5:2 ) according to Bernard. The water was conducted artificially to the pool of Siloam. Washed (enipsato). First aorist direct middle (cf. nipsai), apparently bathing and not merely washing his eyes. Came seeing (hlqen blepwn). Jesus had healed him. He was tested by the demand to bathe his eyes.