John 9:8

Neighbours (geitone). From gh (land), of the same land, old word. See Luke 14:2 . Saw him (qewrounte). Present active participle of qewrew, who used to observe him. Aforetime (to proteron). Adverbial accusative, "the former time," formerly. That he was a beggar (oti prosaith hn). See Luke 4:19 ; Luke 12:19 for declarative oti after qewrew. But it is entirely possible that oti here is "because" (Westcott). Prosaith is a late word for beggar, in N.T. only here and Mark 10:46 . It is from prosaitew, to ask in addition (see prosaitwn below), a thing that beggars know how to do. Is not this he that sat and begged? (Ouc outo estin o kaqhmeno kai prosaitwn;). He had his regular place and was a familiar figure. But now his eyes are wide open.

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