Luke 11:53

From thence (kakeiqen). Out of the Pharisee's house. What became of the breakfast we are not told, but the rage of both Pharisees and lawyers knew no bounds. To press upon him (enecein). An old Greek verb to hold in, to be enraged at, to have it in for one. It is the same verb used of the relentless hatred of Herodias for John the Baptist ( Mark 6:19 ). To provoke him to speak (apostomatizein). From apo and stoma (mouth). Plato uses it of repeating to a pupil for him to recite from memory, then to recite by heart (Plutarch). Here (alone in the N.T.) the verb means to ply with questions, to entice to answers, to catechize. Of many things (peri pleionwn). "Concerning more (comparative) things." They were stung to the quick by these woes which laid bare their hollow hypocrisy.

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