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Luke 11:54

Laying wait for him (enedreuonte auton). An old verb from en and edra, a seat, so to lie in ambush for one. Here only and Acts 23:21 in the N.T. Vivid picture of the anger of these rabbis who were treating Jesus as if he were a beast of prey. To catch something out of his mouth (qhreusai to ek tou stomato autou). An old Greek verb, though here only in the N.T., from qhra (cf. Romans 11:9 ), to ensnare, to catch in hunting, to hunt. These graphic words from the chase show the rage of the rabbis toward Jesus. Luke gives more details here than in Romans 20:45-47 ; Matthew 23:1-7 , but there is no reason at all why Jesus should not have had this conflict at the Pharisee's breakfast before that in the temple in the great Tuesday debate.

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