Luke 11:7

And he (kakeino). Emphatic. Shall say (eiph). Still the aorist active deliberative subjunctive as in verse Luke 5 (the same long and somewhat involved sentence). Trouble me not (mh moi kopou parece). Mh and the present imperative active. Literally, "Stop furnishing troubles to me." On this use of kopou parecw see also Matthew 26:10 ; Mark 14:6 ; Galatians 6:17 and the singular kopon, Luke 18:5 . The door is now shut (hdh h qura kekleistai). Perfect passive indicative, shut to stay shut. Oriental locks are not easy to unlock. From kleiw, common verb. In bed (ei ten koithn). Note use of ei in sense of en. Often a whole family would sleep in the same room. I cannot (ou dunamai). That is, I am not willing.

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