Luke 11:8

Though (ei kai). Kai ei would be "Even if," a different idea. Because he is his friend (dia to einai pilon autou). Dia and the accusative articular infinitive with accusative of general reference, a causal clause="because of the being a friend of his." Yet because of his importunity (dia ge thn anaidian autou). From anaidh, shameless, and that from a privative and aidw, shame, shamelessness, impudence. An old word, but here alone in the N.T. Examples in the papyri. The use of ge here, one of the intensive particles, is to be noted. It sharpens the contrast to "though" by "yet." As examples of importunate prayer Vincent notes Abraham in behalf of Sodom ( Genesis 18:23-33 ) and the Syro-Phoenician woman in behalf of her daughter ( Matthew 15:22-28 ).

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