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Luke 12:41

Peter said (Eipen de o Petro). This whole paragraph from verse Matthew 22-40 had been addressed directly to the disciples. Hence it is not surprising to find Peter putting in a question. This incident confirms also the impression that Luke is giving actual historical data in the environment of these discourses. He is certain that the Twelve are meant, but he desires to know if others are included, for he had spoken to the multitude in verses Matthew 13-21 . Recall Mark 13:37 . This interruption is somewhat like that on the Mount of Transfiguration ( Luke 9:33 ) and is characteristic of Peter. Was it the magnificent promise in verse Luke 37 that stirred Peter's impulsiveness? It is certainly more than a literary device of Luke. Peter's question draws out a parabolic reply by Jesus ( Luke 42-48 ).

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