Luke 12:42

Who then (ti ara). Jesus introduces this parable of the wise steward ( Luke 42-48 ) by a rhetorical question that answers itself. Peter is this wise steward, each of the Twelve is, anyone is who acts thus. The faithful and wise steward (o pisto oikonomo o pronimo). The faithful steward, the wise one. A steward is house manager (oiko, nemw, to manage). Each man is a steward in his own responsibilities. Household (qerapeia). Literally, service from qerapeuw. medical service as in Luke 9:11 , by metonymy household (a body of those domestics who serve). Their portion of food (to sitometrion). Late word from sitometrew ( Genesis 47:12 ) for the Attic ton siton metrew, to measure the food, the rations. Here only in the N.T. or anywhere else till Deissmann (Bible Studies, p. 158) found it in an Egyptian papyrus and then an inscription in Lycia (Light from the Ancient East, p. 104).

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