Luke 12:46

Shall cut him asunder (dicotomhsei). An old and somewhat rare word from dicotomo and that from dica and temnw, to cut, to cut in two. Used literally here. In the N.T. only here and Matthew 24:51 . With the unfaithful (meta twn apistwn). Not here "the unbelieving" though that is a common meaning of apisto (a privative and pisto, from peiqw), but the unreliable, the untrustworthy. Here Matthew 24:51 has "with the hypocrites," the same point. The parallel with Matthew 24:43-51 ends here. Matthew 24:51 adds the saying about the wailing and the gnashing of teeth. Clearly there Luke places the parable of the wise steward in this context while Matthew has it in the great eschatological discourse. Once again we must either think that Jesus repeated the parable or that one of the writers has misplaced it. Luke alone preserves what he gives in verses Matthew 47 48 .

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