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Luke 15:29

Do I serve thee (douleuw soi). Progressive present tense of this old verb from doulo (slave) which the elder son uses to picture his virtual slavery in staying at home and perhaps with longings to follow the younger son (Robertson, Grammar, p. 879). Transgressed (parhlqon). Second aorist active indicative of parercomai, to pass by. Not even once (aorist) in contrast with so many years of service (linear present). A kid (eripon). Some MSS. have eripion, diminutive, a little kid. So margin of Westcott and Hort. B has it also in Matthew 25:32 , the only other N.T. passage where the word occurs. That I might make merry (ina eupranqw). Final clause, first aorist passive subjunctive of the same verb used in verses Matthew 23 25 .

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