Luke 16:19

He was clothed (enedidusketo). Imperfect middle of endiduskw, a late intensive form of enduw. He clothed himself in or with. It was his habit. Purple (porpuran). This purple dye was obtained from the purple fish, a species of mussel or murex (1Macc. 4:23). It was very costly and was used for the upper garment by the wealthy and princes (royal purple). They had three shades of purple (deep violet, deep scarlet or crimson, deep blue). See also Mark 15:17 Mark 15:20 ; Revelation 18:12 . Fine linen (busson). Byssus or Egyptian flax (India and Achaia also). It is a yellowed flax from which fine linen was made for undergarments. It was used for wrapping mummies. "Some of the Egyptian linen was so fine that it was called woven air" (Vincent). Here only in the N.T. for the adjective bussino occurs in Revelation 18:12 ; Revelation 19:8 Revelation 19:14 . Faring sumptuously (euprainomeno lamprw). Making merry brilliantly. The verb euprainomai we have already had in Revelation 12:19 ; Revelation 15:23 Revelation 15:25 Revelation 15:32 . Lamprw is an old adverb from lampro, brilliant, shining, splendid, magnificent. It occurs here only in the N.T. This parable apparently was meant for the Pharisees (verse Revelation 14 ) who were lovers of money. It shows the wrong use of money and opportunity.