Luke 16:20

Beggar (ptwco). Original meaning of this old word. See on "Mt 5:3". The name Lazarus is from Eleazaro, "God a help," and was a common one. Lazar in English means one afflicted with a pestilential disease. Was laid (ebeblhto). Past perfect passive of the common verb ballw. He had been flung there and was still there, "as if contemptuous roughness is implied" (Plummer). At his gate (pro ton pulwna autou). Right in front of the large portico or gateway, not necessarily a part of the grand house, porch in Matthew 26:71 . Full of sores (eilkwmeno). Perfect passive participle of elkow, to make sore, to ulcerate, from elko, ulcer (Latin ulcus). See use of elko in verse Matthew 21 . Common in Hippocrates and other medical writers. Here only in the N.T.

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