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Luke 2:34

Is set for the falling and the rising up of many in Israel (Keitai ei ptwsin kai anastasin pollwn en twi Israhl). Present indicative of the old defective verb appearing only in present and imperfect in the N.T. Sometimes it is used as the passive of tiqhmi as here. The falling of some and the rising up of others is what is meant. He will be a stumbling-block to some ( Isaiah 8:14 ; Matthew 21:42 Matthew 21:44 ; Romans 9:33 ; 1 Peter 2:16 ) who love darkness rather than light ( John 3:19 ), he will be the cause of rising for others ( Romans 6:4 Romans 6:9 ; Ephesians 2:6 ). "Judas despairs, Peter repents: one robber blasphemes, the other confesses" (Plummer). Jesus is the magnet of the ages. He draws some, he repels others. This is true of all epoch-making men to some extent. Spoken against (antilegomenon). Present passive participle, continuous action. It is going on today. Nietzsche regarded Jesus Christ as the curse of the race because he spared the weak.

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