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Luke 2:35

A sword (rompaia). A large sword, properly a long Thracian javelin. It occurs in the LXX of Goliath's sword ( 1 Samuel 17:51 ). How little Mary understood the meaning of Simeon's words that seemed so out of place in the midst of the glorious things already spoken, a sharp thorn in their roses, a veritable bitter-sweet. But one day Mary will stand by the Cross of Christ with this Thracian javelin clean through her soul, stabat Mater Dolorosa ( John 19:25 ). It is only a parenthesis here, and a passing cloud perhaps passed over Mary's heart already puzzled with rapture and ecstasy. May be revealed (apokalupqwsin). Unveiled. First aorist passive subjunctive after opw an and expresses God's purpose in the mission of the Messiah. He is to test men's thoughts (dialogismoi) and purposes. They will be compelled to take a stand for Christ or against him. That is true today.

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