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Luke 20:19

To lay hands on him (epibalein ep auton ta ceira). Second aorist active infinitive of epiballw, an old verb and either transitively as here or intransitively as in Mark 4:37 . Vivid picture here where Mark 12:12 ; Matthew 21:46 has "to seize" (krathsai). In that very hour (en auth th wrai). Luke's favourite idiom, in the hour itself. Not in Mark or Matthew and shows that the Sanhedrin were angry enough to force the climax then. And they feared (kai epobhqhsan). Adversative use of kai = but they feared. Hence they refrained. For they perceived (egnwsan gar). The reason for their rage. Second aorist active indicative of ginwskw. Against them (pro autou). As in Mark 12:12 . The cap fitted them and they saw it.

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