Luke 22:6

Consented (exwmologhsen). Old verb, but the ancients usually used the simple form for promise or consent rather than the compound. This is the only instance of this sense in the N.T. It is from omologo (omo, same, and legw, to say), to say the same thing with another and so agree. Opportunity (eukarian). From eukairo (eu, kairo), a good chance. Old word, but in the N.T. only here and parallel passage Matthew 26:16 . In the absence of the multitude (ater oclou). Ater is an old preposition, common in the poets, but rare in prose. Also in verse Matthew 35 . It means "without," "apart from," like cwri. The point of Judas was just this. He would get Jesus into the hands of the Sanhedrin during the feast in spite of the crowd. It was necessary to avoid tumult ( Matthew 26:5 ) because of the popularity of Jesus.

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