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Luke 22:7

The day of unleavened bread came (hlqen h hmera twn azumwn). The day itself came, not simply was drawing nigh (verse Matthew 1 ). Must be sacrificed (edei quesqai). This was Nisan 14 which began at sunset. Luke is a Gentile and this fact must be borne in mind. The lamb must be slain by the head of the family ( Exodus 12:6 ). The controversy about the day when Christ ate the last passover meal has already been discussed ( Matthew 26:17 ; Mark 14:12 ). The Synoptics clearly present this as a fact. Jesus was then crucified on Friday at the passover or Thursday (our time) at the regular hour 6 P.M. (beginning of Friday). The five passages in John ( Mark 13:1 ; Mark 13:27 ; Mark 18:28 ; Mark 19:14 ; Mark 19:31 ) rightly interpreted teach the same thing as shown in my Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ (pp.279-284).

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