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Luke 23:4

The multitude (tou oclou). The first mention of them. It is now after daybreak. The procession of the Sanhedrin would draw a crowd (Plummer) and some may have come to ask for the release of a prisoner ( Mark 15:8 ). There was need of haste if the condemnation went through before friends of Jesus came. I find no fault (ouden euriskw aition). In the N.T. Luke alone uses this old adjective aitio ( Luke 23:4 Luke 23:14 Luke 23:22 ; Acts 19:40 ) except Hebrews 5:9 . It means one who is the author, the cause of or responsible for anything. Luke does not give the explanation of this sudden decision of Pilate that Jesus is innocent. Evidently he held a careful examination before he delivered his judgment on the case. That conversation is given in John 18:33-38 . Pilate took Jesus inside the palace from the upper gallery ( John 18:33 ) and then came out and rendered his decision to the Sanhedrin ( John 18:38 ) who would not go into the palace of Pilate ( John 18:28 ).

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