Luke 23:5

But they were the more urgent (oi de episcuon). Imperfect active of episcuw, to give added (epi) strength (iscuw). And they kept insisting. Evidently Pilate had taken the thing too lightly. He stirred up the people (anaseiei ton laon). This compound is rare, though old (Thucydides), to shake up (back and forth). This is a more vigorous repetition of the first charge (verse John 2 , "perverting our nation"). Beginning from Galilee (arxameno apo th Galilaia). These very words occur in the address of Peter to the group in the house of Cornelius ( Acts 10:37 ). The idiomatic use of arxameno appears also in Acts 1:22 . Galilee (Grote) was the mother of seditious men (see Josephus).

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