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Luke 6:37

And judge not (kai mh krinete). Mh and the present active imperative, forbidding the habit of criticism. The common verb krinw, to separate, we have in our English words critic, criticism, criticize, discriminate. Jesus does not mean that we are not to form opinions, but not to form them rashly, unfairly, like our prejudice. Ye shall not be judged (ou mh kriqhte). First aorist passive subjunctive with double negative ou mh, strong negative. Condemn not (mh katadikazete). To give judgment (dikh, dixazw) against (kata) one. Mh and present imperative. Either cease doing or do not have the habit of doing it. Old verb. Ye shall not be condemned (ou mh katadikasqhte). First aorist passive indicative again with the double negative. Censoriousness is a bad habit. Release (apoluete). Positive command the opposite of the censoriousness condemned.

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