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Luke 6:38

Pressed down (pepiesmenon). Perfect passive participle from piezw, old verb, but here alone in the N.T., though the Doric form piazw, to seize, occurs several times ( John 7:30 John 7:32 John 7:44 ). Shaken together (sesaleumenon). Perfect passive participle again from common verb saleuw. Running over (uperekcunnomenon). Present middle participle of this double compound verb not found elsewhere save in A Q in Joel 2:24 . Cunw is a late form of cew. There is asyndeton here, no conjunction connecting these participles. The present here is in contrast to the two preceding perfects. The participles form an epexegesis or explanation of the "good measure" (metron kalon). Into your bosom (ei ton kolpon umwn). The fold of the wide upper garment bound by the girdle made a pocket in common use ( Exodus 4:6 ; Proverbs 6:27 ; Psalms 79:12 ; Isaiah 65:6 ; Jeremiah 32:18 ). So Isaiah 65:7 : I will measure their former work unto their bosom. Shall be measured to you again (antimetrhqhsetai). Future passive indicative of the verb here only in the N.T. save late MSS. in Matthew 7:2 . Even here some MSS. have metrhqhsetai. The anti has the common meaning of in turn or back, measured back to you in requital.

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